Headlines in Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Risk Management

September 11, 2018:  17 Ideas For Using Machine Learning In Communications

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have multiple applications in various fields. Communications and marketing is no exception. Just like other industries, it can help improve how smoothly everything runs and offer additional insights that were difficult to obtain manually. Source: Forbes.com

February 2, 2017:  Artificial Intelligence Comes to Financial Statement Audits

Is auditing 100% of corporate financial transactions a possibility in this day and age? It very well may be with more creative applications of artificial intelligence technology.  But how good of a financial statement auditor will a robot be?  Good for only repetitive tasks? Or can Mr. Robot actually think? Read the article. Source: CFO.com

December 22, 2016: World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence

Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, is dedicated to replacing daily decision-making activities of the fund with artificial intelligence in order to solidify the legacy and vision of the billionaire founder Ray Dalio . Source: TheGuardian.com

December 14, 2016: The Rise Of RegTech And What It Means For Your Business

Regtech is hot these days, especially in Financial Service sectors.  But what is the true Return on Investment (ROI) when you implement RegTech processes within your organization.  Source: Forbes.com

November 1, 2016:  Forrester Predicts Investment In Artificial Intelligence Will Grow 300% in 2017

Insights matter. Businesses that use artificial intelligence (AI), big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to uncover new business insights “will steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less informed peers by 2020.” So says Forrester in a new report, “Predictions 2017: Artificial Intelligence Will Drive The Insights Revolution.” Source:  Forbes.com




About Us

We Solve Risk Problems Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

10K Analytics is an advanced analytics solutions advisory firm specializing in the application and integration of sophisticated predictive analytics to risk management and compliance problems.  We apply Artificial Intelligence to Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Problems.

Our Goal

We assist organizations in finding solutions to complex business problems using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques and methodologies. We do this by helping our clients to better utilize their available data so they can make more insightful and intelligent risk management and business decisions using the most currently available software and technology platforms available today.

Our solutions include data analytics outsourcing, co-sourcing, and ad-hoc data analytics projects for those organizations wanting to adopt Advanced Data Analytics technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks.

Our Services

We operate, manage and supervise our business through the following service lines:

  • CONSULTING – Analytics Consulting and Advisory Services for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in Finance, Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare
  • ADVANCED ANALYTICS – Proprietary Algorithms development for industries such as Banking, Finance, and Healthcare
  • DATA SOLUTIONS – Public-domain data acquisition typically for hard-to-find data sources.

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AI Is the Future of Cybersecurity, for Better and for Worse

In the near future, as artificial intelligence (AI) systems become more capable, we will begin to see more automated and increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks. The rise of AI-enabled cyberattacks is expected to cause an explosion of network penetrations, personal data thefts, and an epidemic-level spread of intelligent computer viruses. Ironically, our best hope to defend …

Custom Machine Learning Chips by Google

Google (Ticker: GOOGL) has developed their own custom chips named Tensor Processing Units or TPU’s capable of taking advantage of their own similarly named machine learning framework called TensorFlow.  The chips are purported to be 15-30 times faster than typical GPU/CPU builds when crunching data using machine learning algorithms as well as more power efficient. …