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Headlines in Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Risk Management

October 19, 2016: Internal expense fraud is next on machine learning’s list

With AI now shifting focus from Silicon Valley to Enterprise Technology, startups are now trying to exploit the bigger landscape. Companies like Sift Science are targeting large organizations and pushing into fraud prediction. Source:  TechCrunch.com

October 12, 2016:  The Administration’s Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

A new report from the Administration focuses on the opportunities, considerations, and challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Source: Whitehouse.gov

September 18, 2016: Salesforce Einstein delivers artificial intelligence across the Salesforce platform

Salesforce.com (Ticker: CRM) took the wraps off of Salesforce Einstein – a technology platform which will house most of Salesforce.com’s artificial intelligence products and technologies – just before Oracle’s Open World keynote address.  Source: TechCrunch.com

August 31, 2016: Artificial Intelligence – The New Superpower For Compliance

Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise Compliance environment is a very new thing. Some of the AI technologies to make a foray into compliance include Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other AI tech that can understand text and the context of human language. Empowerment of humans is key. Source: CorporateComplianceInsights.com